User's Guide

We try to make the interface as easy to use as possible. If you find that it is not so straightforward, please let us know how we can service you better. For the very first-time user, please familiarize yourself with these easy steps.

In order to maximize your use of this website, we advise you to please register with us. After you have registered, we will process your registration and an automatic notification will be sent to you by email. However, your registration is not yet complete, until you verify your email address with us. Please make sure that the email address you registered with us is a valid one. Please check your email, to verify your email address with us in order to complete the registration.
Please select a davening category (from the upper right section). We currently support a limited number of categories, however, with your help, we can expand the categories to meet your needs. You may specify a new category by checking the "New Category" box, and entering the name of the new category in the textbox. This new category will not automatically be inserted in the category menu, but will be added to it if it is appropriate.
After you have selected a davening category, you may try to search for other registered users who have shared with us their needs in the davening category similar to yours, through this form . If there is a match(es), you may select ONE user whose need is most compatible to yours, and introduce yourself to your potential davening partner in the textbox included. An email will be automatically sent to both of you (please remember to verify your email address in STEP 1.) to get the davening exchange going. Skip to STEP 5 - EDIT YOUR NEEDS.
If you have not found any match to your needs in the selected category, you may enter a new need. Please describe your specific need through this form , and / or return to this website often to find user with a matching need. Please repeat STEPS 2 and 3 when you return.


After receiving the introductory email about yourself and your potential partner, should you decide to start the davening exchange with your partner, please return to this website to confirm your decision. With this form, you can notify us that you would like to daven for your new partner, and vice versa. By notifying us, you and your partner's specific need will be excluded from being available to other users.


Should you decide to not continue with the davening exchange at any time, as a courtesy to other registered users, please return to this website to remove yourself from the partnership, using the same form. Your partner should also to do the same. By both doing so, each of you will be available for other users to pick.


This form can also be used to modify the description of your registered need. Should you find yourself no longer in this need, please remove the need using the same form.

At any time during the process of using this website, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. May you find success in this endeavour and may your prayers be answered speedily and completely. Amen.